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Turd Alert

Turd Alert Dog Waste Removal Service

Frequently asked questions


How often does our company come out to scoop?

We offer once a week services. We operate Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Make sure you leave the gate unlocked for us!

Do we scoop during the winter/while its raining/on holidays?

Winter Cleanups- Dogs do their "business" year round so we will have to keep up with them. We will provide our scooping year round unless their is a big storm that calls for a snow day. 

Rain or shine- A little rain never hurt anybody. Our scooping services will only stop if there is a severe thunderstorm warning.

Holidays- We will be closed on holidays to allow our staff to spend time with their families.

How do I pay?

Our customers will be billed at the end of each month. Payment by check, cash, or Venmo will be accepted. 

Do I have to sign any contracts?

No. No residential contracts are needed. We will continue our services are as long as you would like. We hope to make a long term relationship with all of customers and keep your yards clean for many years to come. 

Should I unlock my gates?

Yes. We will need any entrances to be unlocked for us to perform our services. We will not allow our employees to hop/jump any fences.

Can we work with your dog in the yard?

Yes. We are very dog friendly. But please let us know of any aggressive dogs we should know about.